Saturday, November 10, 2007

7:21 {small talk} 1.0 photos

Poster/Banners concept & design by Martin Ng from OgilvyOne KL.

Printing sponsored by Asri Ahmad (left) of muliaevents.
Venue sponsored by galleriiizu and hosted by Izu.
Photos by Black of
muliaevents, Indonesia.

Everyone watches a TV docu on selling a made-up brand to children from the UK. The Little Shopping Horrors. Kenneth Lam's talk on 360 branding with a case study on selling to children, Milo anyone? Kay Khoo from figTree Design and his tale of the "Long Tail". Read a transcript of his talk here.

See you on Nov 21 for the next 7:21 {small talk} 2.0, same time & place.
The 15m slots are now open for application.

Do you have a piece of work/ medium or inspiration to showcase? let us know.

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