Saturday, April 19, 2008

smalltalk // 21 April 2008

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With regret, our next smalltalk scheduled for 21 April is cancelled due to the unavailability of our main guest speakers who were invited to share their experience working behind-the-scenes on the Making of "Re-imagining the City" project in collaboration with onedotzero in KL earlier this month.

We hope we'll have them at a later date, esp. for those who missed the entire 5-6April multimedia performance workshop/event/forum exploring how Art & City Life can each affect and cause change in the other and the roles artists can play.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So You Think You Can Act? Write? Direct a Film?

by: Kenneth Lam

They say every art director secretly aspires to be a film director and every writer harbour dreams to pen an award-winning screenplay one day. They also say life is short, so go explore these new dramatic horizons.

For aspiring film directors, actors and writers, FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia) offers many short courses on the craft of film-making. Courses are available on film production processes from screen-writing to short film to documentary workshops and technical workshops from camera techniques to set deco to makeup, sound design and film editing, etc. These intensive short courses mostly takes up 5-days (full-time) and reasonably costs RM600 each.

To find out what's hot in the local film industry, here's a decent web portal by FINAS called SinemaMalaysia launched sometime in 2007.

Check out the latest film industry news, discussion forums, search the comprehensive database of made-in-Malaysia films dating back to the 1930's!

There are also searchable directories of actors, new talents, film crews, producers, various creative companies providing professional services for the local film industry. Designers, get yourself listed-lah.

Interact 10-ways

by: Kenneth Lam

Walk into any design studio and you will see stacks of stock image sample books opened on tables, stacked on the floor, stuffed in shelves, all over the place. I love image catalogs.

Besides sourcing for that right picture from the imagebank to use in a campaign, I know many designers/art directors flip through these catalogs to get inspiration, sort of like brainstorming free-association style. They don't know what they are looking for ...but they will know it when they see it, know.

I just wish there is a "less clutter" way of doing this as the collection of books pile up sky high. Like going online and searching through the various imagebanks or google images. But that only works when you know exactly what you're looking for and the experience of searching is often slow, clunky and clinical (like going to the dentist and getting your teeth drilled).

Recently, I came across this new site commissioned by GettyImages designed to inspire via imagery organised by 10 themes. Which is nothing new by itself compared with printed image catalogs but along with each theme comes 10 separate conceptual experience with an edgy interface that's simple and involving. Go interact, play, experience visual imagery and see where it can take you.

check it out >>

Sunday, April 6, 2008

smalltalk 7:21 // 07Apr2008

Our next kakireka smalltalk is on 07 April, this coming MONDAY!
8pm -- Ole Cafe, Cangkat Bukit Bintang, KL. FREE Entrance.

Commercial Design in Siam
A Malaysian Designer's Experience in Bangkok
by: Jazmi, Dotiro

All about Chatting
Online Meeting Tools
by: Josh Hong

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Re-imagining the City

It's finally here.
An arty farty multimedia event by onedotzero and British Council.
Performances, film screenings on SAT plus a panel discussion on SUN.
Not to be missed.

> Click on pix or visit the British Council website for details.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Design Field Trip // Islamic Arts Museum

Have you heard good things about the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum and always wanted to visit but just couldn't find the time or the right group of people to go with?

Here's your chance to go with a bunch of designers keen to broaden their minds to explore the aesthetics of Islamic world of art & design. You're all invited to tour the museum with the organisers this Saturday.

Come feast your eyes on 7,000 exquisite artefacts spread out over 12 galleries with emphasis on the thematic Malaysian melting pot that comprises Malay, Chinese & Indian Worlds.

Marvel at the artistic craftmanship of illuminated calligraphic manuscripts, armaments, ceramics, jewellery design to textiles, etc. in breath-takingly beautiful architectural surroundings.

Come and be inspired with a 360 degrees experience of a brand.

Interested to join us, meet at Museum's main reception area.
05April, SATURDAY -- 2:00pm

Museum admission fees:
Adults -- RM12
Students -- RM6 (with ID)

note: all photos are taken from the official Islamic Arts Museum website.