Thursday, April 3, 2008

Design Field Trip // Islamic Arts Museum

Have you heard good things about the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum and always wanted to visit but just couldn't find the time or the right group of people to go with?

Here's your chance to go with a bunch of designers keen to broaden their minds to explore the aesthetics of Islamic world of art & design. You're all invited to tour the museum with the organisers this Saturday.

Come feast your eyes on 7,000 exquisite artefacts spread out over 12 galleries with emphasis on the thematic Malaysian melting pot that comprises Malay, Chinese & Indian Worlds.

Marvel at the artistic craftmanship of illuminated calligraphic manuscripts, armaments, ceramics, jewellery design to textiles, etc. in breath-takingly beautiful architectural surroundings.

Come and be inspired with a 360 degrees experience of a brand.

Interested to join us, meet at Museum's main reception area.
05April, SATURDAY -- 2:00pm

Museum admission fees:
Adults -- RM12
Students -- RM6 (with ID)

note: all photos are taken from the official Islamic Arts Museum website.

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