Monday, January 28, 2008

From Insights to Design _21Jan smalltalk review

review by: Irina Muis
From paper cutting to luxury cars and diamonds, Michael Quay treads a thin line between being a con artist and a consumer expert.

Started out cutting ads for a year after finishing a double degree, Michael Quay showed that by being persistent and blindly courageous, you might accidentally end up being a strategic planner in an ad agency. This gave way to his topic for the night, “From Insights to Design.”
With his relaxed style of presentation, Michael proceeded to share his vast experience on how consumers’ insights help shape ideas for amazing ad campaigns and marketable products.

As an exercise, the group was given 5 minutes to dig an insight from the person next to them and to relate it to the group. The exercise demonstrated how asking simple questions could uncover unique knowledge in people.
Mike continued to give examples on insights that formed the design of products, starting from the Ford Mondeo to DeBeers diamonds. At times insights even help ensure the saleability of the product even before they are produced.As designers we are responsible in producing goods for the masses but still encouraging commercial success for our clients. Michael’s advice to designers, be more sensitive in observing the behaviour of consumers.

After Michael’s presentation, some of the young designers said how the exposure has made them realize how insights can help them produce better designs, rather than merely as an aesthetic value but also in its commercial sense.

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Mike has kindly agreed to let us download screenshots of his powerpoint for a limited time. Plus his notes are in the comments section.


jazmiizwan said...

mike = top scorer of the nite.... i hope he can give more talk about strategy how to tackle clients / consumer....

Mike said...

Insights are the foundation to all successes, including design successes.

From Designing a simple item such as a piece of jewellery to a car, insights are crucial in determining the success of any product. If you can capture the hearts and the minds of the consumer by touching their insights..
Success can easily be yours.

Insights Defined:
The power to discern the true nature of a person or situation; Instinct, intuition, intuitiveness, penetration, sixth sense.

An illuminating human truth, whose discovery inspires unique connections between individuals, their environments and our brands.

Case examples:

Ford Mondeo
- Design makeover based on the key driving insights of consumers in Taiwan.
1) Wanting Face
2) Taking Short Cuts
3) Being outstanding without having to stand out.

All these were taking in to consideration when the design cues for the face lifted car was done.
The end result, a run away success.

DTC (DeBeers) PPF (Past Present & Future)
- design concepts are driven by insights as well. DTC is selling more diamonds that they ever did by creating a design concept that tapped into the psyche and heart strings of the target audience, through the 3 stone designs. ("The Trilogy" is symbolic of commitment - representing Past, Present & Future).

From insights into Design... How can you go wrong?