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BarCamp KL 2009

KL Design Week is almost over but this is no time to rest. If you're a design entrepreneur and fancy free this weekend, go check out BarCampKL at IntiCollege, Subang Jaya. It's jam-packed with workshops & talks with up to SIX parallel sessions going on simultaneously in different rooms so you must manage your own time.
SAT 04Apr - 8:00am-8:00pm (free T-shirts for earlybirds)
SUN 05Apr - 8:00am-5:00pm

Below is a sampling of some 30+ speakers and topics spread over the 2 days... Best of all, it's all FREE if you register online.

- Devigners in Action: "Ma, look! No codes" _Daqing & Kok Chiann.
- 3 Really Cool Wordpress Tricks _James Yeang.
- Travel 2.0 - Sharing travel tricks - Using blog and social networks to get free food/stay/friendship/lots of love and have fun. _Preetam Rai.
- Social Networking: Is it just a hype or for real, my journey to become a social networks & how to start a social networking site for below 1K _Edwin Wang.
- Do you have what it takes to be interviewed? Do you get tongue-tied when you face the media...or worse, suffer from verbal diarrhoea? Get the basics right if you want to be a media success _Freda Liu.
- 360° Persuasion - How To Get Anything you Want. The Psychology behind Getting People to Give You just about ANYTHING _Michael Reyes.
- Open Travel Culture: Wikitravel Press (looking for Malaysian editors!) and _Jani Patokallio.
- MAD over Mobile Apps!!! _Gerard KM Lim.
- Cradle Fund Entrepreneurs Experience _James Chen & Uncle Bugs.
- Let's Open Socially - an introduction to OpenSocial _Nazroll & Marvin Lee.
- Get Your Dream Job: Ditch School and Get a Library Card _James Lee.
- Advertising/PR, Bloggers/Integrity: Make money, thru honesty _Colin Charles.
- Your Office is everywhere - Mobile Office _Ikhwan Nazri
- Project Revitalise: Remedy to global economic downturn _Janet Tan.
- Photo mosaics with Ruby and Yahoo! BOSS _Chang Sau Sheong.
- Connect with Rural folks: Opportunity for you to get connected to rural folks in Malaysia through Internet to make $ or to spread your love by sharing your knowledge, skills, or services _Azul.
- Sex & Business - Why these Two share the same rules _Brandon Liew.
- Google Calendar for Dummies - marvelous for time management! _James Lee.
- The Art of Pitching - 60 second elevator pitch to inivestors _Michelle Chia.
- Get Lotsa Freebies here!! (Free Business Inspiration. Entrepreneur Secrets) And Tools to get you started _Joanna Tong.
- "Why and how to get your kids interested in programming" - Introducing Scratch, a visual tool by MIT to teach programming to kids _Preetam Rai.
- Building robust democracy using the internet _Khairil Zhafri.
- Art of Making Espresso: Chemistry of Creativity+Constraints _Azim Pawanchik.
Fashion, Interactivity, Alternative Marketing: Exploring ideas of alternative marketing/management of fashion in relation to interactivity between designers/audience _Bea.
10 Sins of Advertising: An insightful look from the eyes of a youth advertiser from Penang _Jackson Teoh.
- The Entrepreneurs Algorithm _Daniel Cerventus.
- The Secret to start a Global Travel business with RM2500 _Alvis Loo.
- What I can do if I am Jobless...? _Michael Tan.
- Why some Mutations are Awesome for Your Company? _Jackson Teoh.
- Interactive social experiments and simulations. Learn how you are your best weapon of change or destruction _Ellynita Lamin.
- Silverlight Vs. Flex : Silverlight > Flex _TC Wu.
- Deep impact of Network Theory in Social Networks: N Level Up for Algorithmic Intelligence _Syed Talat Fakhri.
- Casual Game Development: Tips and Tricks _TC Wu.
- The Stingy Startup - grant money is great, what happens after? _Kengyew.
- Contributing to the Starbucks Economy _Aizat Faiz.
- PHP Fuzzing in Action: 20 Ways to Fuzzing PHP Source Code _Ahmad Siddiq.
- From Geek to Chic: True story of a geek saved his own social life. How to enhance your social life, and look good while you at it! _Khalid Hilaby.
- The Earth Saviours - Journey of a Crazy Social Eco-preneur _Aidan A Chew.
- You Can Start Small: Where each things in life where in business or life it is not a must that u have to start big .. it is okay for you if want to start small to reduce your risk _Fareez Shahfiqar.
- Communicate to success! _Dave J.
- Buzz Your Brand! (BYB) Insights by a youth from Penang about Buzz-ing a new brand. _Jackson Teoh.
- Corporate brands in social media: Win win for everyone? _Derrick Koh.
- Pecha Kucha
- Open Social Hackathon

Full list & details of sessions/topics.
Online registration is FREE.

BarCamp is basically a very open, participant-driven workshop event where people share knowledge and ideas and expand their social and business network. There is usually no particular theme. Those people who want to share ideas and knowledge - of any subject, in any field - could register for time and room to host their session. Then, the rest of the people could come to event for free and join any session that they are interested in. If they find that the session un-interesting, they could just leave and go to the next one.
Links: Website. Facebook Group. Facebook Event.

There has been a lot of interesting topics in the past barcamp events. Check out the topics at the first BarCamp KL, StartupCamp KL and the recent BarCamp JB.

+ + Not to be missed - PARTY + +
04Apr -
4:00pm - 11:00pm
KL Design Week Gala Closing & Arty Party at Cap Square, KL.

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