Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tell the world: Why do you value design?

wREGA will be celebrating World Graphics Day 2010 with KBU International College for the 2nd year

World Graphics Day has been celebrated annually on 27 April since 1995 as an occasion for designers to reflect and hope that Icograda's global network can contribute to greater understanding between people and help build bridges where divides and inequities exist. This is an opportunity to recognise communication design and its role in the world, besides celebrating Icograda's birthday.

This year, tell the world: Why do you value design?

Based on this working theme, once again, wREGA will be working together with the School of Design at KBU International College, in commemorating this auspicious day. There will be a forum and a student project being planned out, where professional designers, design educators and design students will have an exchange on design's value. All these will take place from 19 April leading to 27 April, 2010. More details available soon.


jun872 said...

Do this event are in collaboration with KDU College?

CollegeInMalaysia said...

They should be more event in collaboration with local colleges & universities. This will give more exposure to our students

kliks said...

What is the event all about? Design Value?

Iron Oxide said...

Good Events!

Design schools malaysia said...

nice piece of design you have here. i wonder if what school you study your Design course in Malaysia?