Friday, December 21, 2007

WANTED: Examples of Good/Bad Design

Send us pictures of what are, in your own opinion, examples of GOOD or BAD design.
If you're a designer, surely you have a collection of such things. Whether it's your own work or something you saw in a book or website, select a few & share them with us. Designs preferably of Asian/Malaysian origin.

Max 30 pix/person. Each picture = 150kb or less in file size. Zip it all up then email to kakireka. Closing date: 07Jan 2008.

All pictures will be compiled and projected onto a wall at the kakireka 'Chill Out Nite' on 07 Jan 2008. We hope this will stimulate thot and discussion among the designers present. Note: pls. don't mark good/bad on the pictures 'cos we want to leave it up to the viewer to decide. Leave it open to interpretation.

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