Friday, December 21, 2007

We need volunteers!

If you don't already know, kakireka is run on a non-profit basis and is managed by a small group of designers passionate about the state of the design industry in Malaysia. We are doing all this for you and other designers and we are trying our hardest to keep all events FREE for you to attend be'cos we know many are struggling just to survive out there. So far, all of the expenses incurred in organising the talks e.g. venue rentals, food/drinks have been out of our own pockets and a few kind sponsors.

We can't keep this up indefinitely and we hope
you can chip-in/contribute in some way and/or help us find sponsors for the designer talks/events we are planning for next year.

If you can spare the time, volunteer yourself to help us design better events for designers. No matter what your design area/expertise, every little bit helps and who knows, you might find it more satisfying to have helped make an event a huge success rather than just attending the event itself.

For this coming party/get-together event, we urgently need a few people to help put up the decorations for the venue and setup the multimedia equipment. Can help? Contact - Gary.

Other volunteers, contact - Kenneth.

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