Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Collaborative Work with D-Fuse?

This is a great opportunity for multimedia/video designers/artists.

British Council and acclaimed UK cross-media outfit
onedotzero are looking for video artists, sound artists or film-makers to collaborate with London-based creative media artists D-Fuse.

You will need to, on your own time, gather video footage between end FEB - end MAR. And commit from 1-6 APR 2008 for work with D-Fuse and presentation of "Surface".

The collaborative piece "Surface", will be performed live in Kuala Lumpur. Local artists (you) will collect
time-lapse panoramic footage of the urban landscape and work with D-Fuse in putting it together for an amazing original piece of work.

Interested? Closing date for application: 31JAN 2008
Details here >

Re-imagining the City - an audio-visual project which explores how artists are both influenced by, and can help shape, cities, through the use of digital and other emergent technologies. Aiming to give artists a voice in how cities are planned and experienced, this project will also attempt to address issues of creativity, community and connectivity, identity, planning and sustainability.

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