Saturday, January 19, 2008

So we finally made the move from blogger to wordpress as the blog platform of choice. The reason is that there are so many things we tried to do with kakireka that we very quickly hit upon the wall of structural & design limitations with the free publishing engine provided by blogger/blogspot. Blogger was free, simple, intuitive, with essential features which makes it easy to startup a blog. But the lack of 3rd party plug-ins and not being able to setup sub-sections is a real pain for a growing content-rich site that kakireka is meant to be…

Many thanks to Asri for sponsoring our move which meant getting our own domain name “” and a proper paid web-hosting services with AN Hosting.

Deciding on a web-host is an adventure in itself for designers like me who are basically lost at sea with all the IT issues to consider with various options and a minefield of hidden costs and fly-by-night web-hosts. Luckily, Kay and Jai has been a great help providing me with real world advice on what works and whose tech support is better. And these websites helped me make my decisions, with their expert tips - and reviews of the best web-hosts -

The importing of the whole blog content was clear-cut and wizard-aided but not without its challenges so pls. bear with us while we iron out the kinks, esp. the wonky font settings and some missing pictures. Plus the look & feel might change drastically over the next few weeks as we experiment with a few site templates from thousands available to find the best fit. This blog is all about design so it better have a kick-ass web-design & aesthetics, right?

New blogsite…
The old blog is still there… and we will continue to maintain it during this transition period.

Lastly, with the move, expect to see much more exciting & useful features for designers to interact with one another at the new web/blogsite very soon.

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dmystify said...

Even with limitations the blog is functioning very well. With the new blogsite soon in placed it should be more exciting especially when its being managed by a wonderful bunch of dedicated kakis especially Kenneth. Keep up the excellent work. It was definately well worth every sen! 'keep on sharing'