Saturday, January 12, 2008

smalltalk 4.0 - kakireka ChillOut Nite Report

Wan Hazmer's Emergent Behaviour in Game Design talk was a fascinating insight into the latest game design trends. He brought lots of gifts to encourage audience participation. So basically nearly everyone went home with a gift present. Note: someone left behind their designer gift tall glass - email me to claim it back... There wasn't enough time for Hazmer to show more of his own award-winning work so he is willing to come back for another talk and maybe design/demo a real game LIVE (online) in the near future.

Meanwhile, Jo Kukathas's talk was an
eye-opening acting workshop, very hands-on and movement and enjoyable role-play. Body language awareness. Something about body posture/positioning influencing own state of mind. Natural ice-breaker as side-effect. Very well-received by attendees. More photos & a short videoclip here > facebook kakiREKA group.

Jo also indicated her interest to do another talk/workshop, on theatrical stage design with hands-on creative design work for the participants, maybe with a fictitious play or something. Wouldn't that be cool? Based on her reveal that too few local designers dabble in stage design. Wants to develop interest/collaborate with us in that area.

Food & drinks from OleCafe were simple & good. Finger food & fried rice(?). The cauliflower tempura bit was deli-c. Collected RM5 from guests total = RM60. Thanks to all of you who donated. CheeMoong came early to lend a hand. OleCafe staff ever so helpful. Event started on time but 1st talk only began at 8:45pm. slightly 10+ people at the time.
Many thanks also to Irina Muis who help out with the guest registration.

average = 15+ only incl. organisers. interestingly, ALL new faces! Wonder what happened to all the kakireka smalltalk regulars?

potential speakers
wREGA past president Hanan was there. He will be guest speaker in future smalltalk. Need to followup for details. Spoke to One Academy new graduate Eva Wong to do a 15min showcase of her fashion-themed social networking website project at next smalltalk on 21Jan. Will follow up to confirm.

Note to ALL new design graduates, if you want to practice your presentation skills, and showcase your work, kakireka smalltalk is your stage. Email us to book your spot, it's FREE publicity for you.

kakireka admin
Gary intro-ed the new kakireka logo strategy. All invited to submit designs and give comments on
Chee Moong agrees to join committee.
Newcomer Irina Muis (who's doing her Masters in Graphic Design at UiTM) also invited to join committee. New blood! which brings our small kakireka volunteer organising committee to 6-strong.

NEXT: smalltalk 5.0 _21Jan2008 Preview
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Edwin Yiing - "i love Dogs" interactive virtual canine demo
Eva Wong - "Dazzlers" teen fashion diary portal demo

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