Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No smalltalk 07Mar - eve of Election Day

kakireka smalltalk event on 07Mar (FRI) has been called off due to the National General Elections the very next day 08Mar2008. Many will want to balik kampung on Friday night. Others may want to squeeze in that last ceramah/political rally or two, listen to politicians talk big one last time before making up their minds in this most hotly contested general election in recent memory. Go and VOTE!

+ P R E V I E W +
next smalltalk will be on
21st Mar 2008
Typography in Design
by the
fans of helvetica.

Since this is election month, come join in the debate on whether
Helvetica is truly the best public service typeface ever designed... or not? Other contenders?
Come & find out.

poster design: peter jarvis

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