Monday, November 17, 2008

Kyoorius Design Yatra Powerup

Being a "jaga pintu", it is inevitable to bump into so many familiar faces from my past during the Kyoorius DesignYatra conference event held last week 14Nov2008. And also nice to have made quite a few new friends too.

These design conference-type events are so important to designers to get a boost of insight, inspiration and brief respite from our hectic agency life of never-ending deadlines. The event topics covered was not only inspirational, but also aspirational with bits of the cynical and critical all rojak mix-up "ABC campur-campur" like what Kath Tudball would say. Maybe will post a detailed review later.

Meanwhile, here's to hoping there will be many more conferences to come in negaraku.

Watch this space for lots of interesting kakireka monthly smalltalk events from the contacts I've made at this Kyoorius design event.

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